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Free USP <800> Preparedness Lunch + Learn Series

Posted by Laura Paxton on Mar 15, 2023 11:08:30 AM
Laura Paxton
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After years of limbo working to meet USP <800> guidelines without a firm deadline, we know you are now hustling to finish up the hazardous drug safety work you’ve started or, in a lot of cases, you’re just beginning your efforts to be ready by November 1, 2023. 

We’ve helped many healthcare systems and hospitals of all sizes work through the USP <800> hazardous drugs safety requirements, and we are now sharing all that we know with you in the USP <800> Preparedness Lunch + Learn webinar series. In each session, we’ll cover a specific requirement and challenge, leaving plenty of time for questions and discussion so you can walk away with the information and tools you need to prepare for USP <800> inspections. 

New USP <800> Updates Coming! 
As if preparing for USP <800> wasn’t already stressful, we’re expecting USP <800> updates on April 5. Don’t worry! Rpharmy’s CEO Laura Paxton and Rpharmy’s USP <800> Subject Matter Expert, Sherlene Christen, will fill you in on all you need to know about the updates when we kick off the Lunch + Learn series on April 6. 

The free, 30-minute webinars will run through May and will cover:
  • Assessments of Risk
  • Drug assessment
  • Common gaps in USP <800> compliance
  • Communicating safety policies across your facility or system in the Electronic Health Record
  • Preparing for inspectors 
  • How to truly protect healthcare workers from hazardous drug exposure
Register today for the first USP <800> Preparedness Lunch + Learn on April 6, and mark your calendar to spend upcoming lunches with Rpharmy. We’re here to support you in this critical effort to improve your organization's health and well-being, and we hope to see you soon.

In the meantime, check out our Safety First Blog for the USP <800> information and resources you need. 

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