USP <800> Preparedness Lunch + Learn 

After years of limbo working to meet USP <800> guidelines without a firm deadline, we know you are now hustling to finish up the hazardous drug safety work you’ve started or, in a lot of cases, you’re just beginning your efforts to be ready by November 1, 2023. 

We’ve helped many healthcare systems and hospitals of all sizes work through the USP <800> hazardous drugs safety requirements, and we are now sharing all that we know with you in a webinar series.

In an effort to provide the information and tools needed to prepare for USP <800> inspections, we hosted a webinar series covering a specific requirement and challenge. Here are videos and resources from each session:

April 6th: Let's Get Started!
Watch the recording!

Check out the Q&A from the April 6th event. 

April 13: Where Are the Gaps?
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Check out the Q&A from the April 13th event. 

April 20th: Assessment of Risk
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Check out the Q&A from the April 20th event. 

April 27th: Requirements for a Drug Assessment
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May 4th: Creating and Updating a Hazardous Drug List
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May 11th : Safety Information in the EHR
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May 18th: When Inspectors Come Knocking…
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May 25th: Wrap Up!
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We hope these resources are helpful! Also, check out our Safety First Blog for the USP <800> information and resources you need.