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YOU get a Blog! Top Blogs from 2023

Posted by Laura Paxton on Dec 28, 2023 10:42:51 AM
Laura Paxton
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Much like Oprah’s Favorite Things list, our blogs are gifts that keep on giving… YOU get a blog, YOU get a blog, YOU GET A BLOG! The blogs we selected to share here were not only the most popular throughout the year but also offered helpful information on various topics related to USP <800>, formulary, medication safety and patient and healthcare worker safety. Basically, if you read nothing else this month, check out these blogs. Be sure to let us know what’s on your mind for 2024, and we’ll work to cover it in a future blog. 

Joint Commission's Mock Surveys on Hazardous Drugs: What to Expect and How to Prepare
Have you conducted a Joint Commission mock survey? Because they simulate an actual inspection, focusing on policies, procedures, and operational processes related to the safe handling and disposal of hazardous drugs, they can identify strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring readiness for the actual survey. This blog outlines the critical steps for a mock survey. 

HD Assessments Get Social
In 2023, healthcare systems are still using the NIOSH 2016 list for hazardous drug safety guidelines despite the availability of the NIOSH 2020 list, which is expected to become the standard once approved by the Federal Register. However, relying solely on these lists is inadequate due to the FDA's frequent approval of new drugs, which necessitates ongoing assessment to identify hazardous drugs. To assist in this complex task, Rpharmy shares updates on newly FDA-approved drugs considered hazardous by their clients, helping healthcare systems stay current with safety measures for hazardous drugs.

Achieving USP <800> Compliance: Expert Guidance from Rpharmy's Webinar Series
To provide you with helpful resources and create a safe and supportive community as you work (tirelessly) through the USP <800> compliance process, we produced a free 8-part webinar on all things USP <800> communication program-related. Led by Rpharmy's CEO Laura Paxton and the USP <800> guru Sherlene Christen, each 30-minute session is packed with essential info on risk assessments, spotting compliance gaps, and safeguarding healthcare workers. While this blog is just the tip of the iceberg of all the guidance shared by Laura and Sherlene, it’s your invitation to watch, learn and hopefully join in the community we’re creating. 

The Importance of Safe Hazardous Waste Disposal and Selecting a Waste Hauler
This blog detours into the realm of hazardous drug disposal and how vital it is for healthcare facilities to follow specific disposal protocols and build partnerships with compliant waste haulers. We usually don't discuss the EPA much regarding USP <800>, but here, we share the EPA's involvement in setting stringent guidelines for hazardous pharmaceutical waste. When healthcare worker safety is involved, we believe it’s best to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s, so let’s talk about waste disposal. 

University Hospitals: What We Learned During the Implementation of Rhazdrugs
We all want to hear the nitty gritty about a product from an actual user, right? Here, University Hospitals in Ohio shares how they are using Rhazdrugs to support their USP <800> compliance efforts and improve healthcare worker safety. Bridget Gegorski, their Medication Safety Officer, is working towards automation, leaving behind the cumbersome manual spreadsheets. With Rhazdrugs, they're embracing a collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach, boosting the depth and proactivity of safety reviews. Plus, they're ramping up training on critical aspects like respiratory protection and dwell times, ensuring everyone is in the know. With Rhazdrugs set to integrate into their Epic EHR platform, accessing crucial hazardous drug safety info is about to get a whole lot easier. We could go on, but wait, we did… read the blog. 

Streamlining Pharmacy Contracts and Purchasing with Formweb: Ochsner Health's Approach
Rpharmy’s flagship product, Formweb, is Ochsner's go-to cloud-based resource, housing all the essential medication info for their vast network of clinics and hospitals. When a clinic contacts  Charlotte Dixon, Pharmacy Contract-Utilization Manager, with a drug request, she taps into Formweb to check if it's on the formulary, approved for specific service lines, and up-to-date with all safety requirements. As the Ochsner Health system continues to grow, Charlotte depends on Formweb to evaluate a new clinic’s drug lists, guide a new hospital’s staff through the formulary process, and provide accurate, current drug info. Read the blog to learn more about how Formweb helps streamline Charlotte’s job while enhancing patient care across Ochsner Health.

I'm genuinely grateful that despite your busy schedule, you still take the time to read our Safety First blogs. Our goal is to be a valuable asset to pharmacy directors, their teams, and everyone dedicated to enhancing patient and healthcare safety. We strive to offer resources and insights that make a difference in your demanding roles - no strings attached, no forms to fill out. If you have any questions or topics that you’d like us to address, please let us know at

Thank you for your continued support and engagement! See you in 2024! 

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