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Achieving USP <800> Compliance: Expert Guidance from Rpharmy's Webinar Series

Posted by Laura Paxton on Jul 10, 2023 1:55:02 PM
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We know that since the USP <797> and USP <800> deadline was announced, November 1, 2023, has loomed large in the minds of hospital leaders, especially among pharmacy directors.  In our many conversations with customers working to comply with the hazardous drug safe handling guidelines, we’ve learned most are still working towards compliance. In fact, in a Rpharmy survey, most did not feel ready for inspections around USP <800> guidelines. 

At Rpharmy, we’re all about community and sharing information so the healthcare industry as a whole can ensure the safety and well-being of patients and healthcare workers. To offer up the information we know about USP <800> compliance, we hosted an 8-part, free webinar series this spring on USP <800> Preparedness

Because we know your time is valuable, each session is only 30 minutes long and covers a specific USP <800> topic, including:  

  • Assessments of Risk
  • Drug assessment
  • Common gaps in USP <800> compliance
  • Communicating safety policies across your facility or system in the Electronic Health Record
  • Preparing for inspectors 
  • How to truly protect healthcare workers from hazardous drug exposure
  • The April 5th USP updates

The webinar series is hosted by Rpharmy’s CEO Laura Paxton and Rpharmy’s USP <800> Subject Matter Expert, Sherlene Christen, both of whom work closely with our clients as they prepare for and implement their hazardous drugs safe handling policies and procedures. 

Throughout each webinar, Laura and Sherlene answered attendees’ questions. If you have questions when watching, please email us at, and we’ll be sure to get back to you. 

Also, after each webinar, we wrote up a recap in our Safety First Blog, which also features the responses from the polls we hosted. You can find out how far along other healthcare facilities are in their compliance efforts, how and where they store hazardous drug safety information, their facility’s strategy around Assessments of Risk and assessing newly approved drugs and more. 

Rpharmy Webinar Series

An additional resource you may find helpful is our Hazardous Drugs Resource Page featuring links to NIOSH, DrugBank, the latest USP guidance on hazardous drug risk management: “Managing Hazardous Drug Exposures: Information for Healthcare Settings,” and more.

We hope you will check out the webinar series and that it proves to be a helpful resource as you continue your efforts toward USP <800> compliance and, ultimately, the improved protection of healthcare workers. 

If you find this information valuable, please pass it on to colleagues at your facility or in the industry that may be in need of community and collaboration too. 

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