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You Don’t Have to Create AoRs Anymore … Ever

Posted by Laura Paxton on Jan 13, 2022 8:53:06 AM
Laura Paxton
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We’re not joking or overpromising. 

Assessment of Risk can be the biggest burden of USP <800> compliance. Once you’ve outlined your list of hazardous drugs and then determined which drugs will utilize alternative containment strategies and work practices, the work of gathering the AoR requirements begins.

One aspect of this process that is simultaneously helpful and difficult is the lack of guidance on the documentation. The USP <800> does not specify the format of the necessary information but only that for each drug you must at least include the type of hazardous drug (e.g., antineoplastic, non-antineoplastic, reproductive risk primarily), dosage form; risk of exposure; packaging; and manipulation. Multiply this by the potentially hundreds of hazardous drugs in your formulary, and a cold sweat has broken out on your brow, hasn’t it? 

If you’re at any stage of the AoR documentation process and feel like it will never end, we get it. In some ways, the AoR work will never come to a close. Sorry to be so negative, but once you complete documentation on your current list, more drugs will be added and then the process will start all over again as you face the 12-month deadline to revisit your AoR. 

What would you give if someone offered to take AoRs off your plate? We can imagine the list of things coming to mind … a sum of money with lots of zeroes, a basket of cute puppies, your prized collection of rare Calvin and Hobbes comics (Just me? Ok, well you get the idea).

No need to go to extremes. Just give us your hazardous drugs list and we can:

Create your AoRs from scratch or make existing AoRs easy to use


Provide customizable base content for NIOSH groups 1, 2 and 3


Simplify critical aspects like PPE, safe handling, waste disposal, Safety Data Sheets, and more 


Integrate handling information into your EHR 

AND, why yes we do this too … Enable easy access to any provider on any device

Does your load feel lighter yet? You may still be wondering how we are able to pull off such a monumental, time-intensive task with such ease.

The short answer is we have more than 30 years of formulary and hazardous drug experience, which allowed us to create preloaded AoRs for all available drugs on the NIOSH List of Hazardous Drugs. Not only can we take over the AoR documentation work, but we do it fast. 

After personally experiencing the loss of a loved one due to med error, we are committed to removing obstacles to accessing hazardous drug safety information at the point of care. We’ve also made it our business to enable easy access to this life-saving information across all stakeholders in your organization. 

Between our technology and the expert pharmacy team behind the screen, Rpharmy is here to support you as you work to comply with USP <800> while ensuring the safety of all healthcare workers who come into contact with hazardous drugs. 

Check our Rhazdrugs for yourself in this quick demo video. If you’d like to see more, we’re available for a demo and question and answer session. Access our calendar at to book a time that’s convenient to you. 

You may also find answers to your USP <800> questions in our blog The Inspectors are Coming. Are you Ready?

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