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Rhazdrugs Raises the Bar for USP <800> Compliance

Posted by Laura Paxton on Oct 13, 2020 9:50:55 AM
Laura Paxton
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Rpharmy is raising the bar in USP 800 compliance with Rhazdrugs, a searchable hazardous drugs database accessible at the point of care improving visibility, frontline healthcare staff safety, and compliance with regulations including USP 800.

“Typically, nurses, doctors and healthcare staff access USP 800 hazardous drugs handling and disposal requirements through hard and digital copies of the drug information provided by their pharmacy director, risk compliance department, and other stakeholders. These copies are kept on an intranet, multiple spreadsheets and documents as well binders with printed information and require extra effort on the part of healthcare providers to ensure their own safety. While this method meets baseline USP 800 compliance, it is a tedious practice that can be dangerous to healthcare staff who are focused on patient care rather than their own safety,” said Laura Paxton, CEO Rpharmy.

“Rhazdrugs integrates hazardous drug information seamlessly into the technology interfaces healthcare facilities currently use and displays this vital information at the point of care, such as in a patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR), for easy viewing by nurses, doctors, pharmacists, caregivers and staff. This ensures that not only is the hazardous drug information required for USP 800 compliance available to healthcare workers, it is actually implemented.”

Rhazdrugs software takes the critical hazardous drug handling and disposal information that has previously been stored in bulky binders and spreadsheets and offers it in an easily accessible, integrated, digital database solution that is updated continuously and displays the information where it is needed. The Rhazdrugs database is searchable with key information displayed as icons and symbols so healthcare providers can quickly and visually identify the protective measures they need to take.

“Compliance inspections are starting again with hospitals being notified that Joint Commission is on the way. Rhazdrugs makes easy work of meeting USP 800 compliance requirements by providing an up-to-date, pre-populated hazardous drugs reference system for healthcare workers, while also offering hospital management peace of mind that their staff is safe,” said Paxton.

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