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Rpharmy Awarded Drug Information and Surveillance Agreement with Premier Group Purchasing Organization

Posted by Laura Paxton on Apr 2, 2024 4:45:07 PM
Laura Paxton
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We are thrilled to announce that Rpharmy has been awarded a national group purchasing agreement for Drug Information and Surveillance Solutions with Premier Inc., a group purchasing organization, in a shared mission to enhance patient and healthcare worker safety through the use of Rhazdrugs and Formweb. This partnership underscores our collective commitment to improving healthcare outcomes.

Purchasing groups put the buying power in hospitals’ hands while working to expand market share for healthcare solution providers. Premier, Inc. is a renowned purchasing group that empowers healthcare solution providers to broaden their supply chains, delivering value and cost savings to healthcare facilities. Through a rigorous contracting process, Premier aligns with healthcare services and solution providers like Rpharmy, who offer innovative and valuable solutions to not-for-profit health systems, academics, and other facilities, inspiring confidence and trust. 

After suffering a devastating loss due to a med error, our goal has always been to protect as many patients and their loved ones as possible from the same preventable tragedy. We began as Formulary Productions, where we developed the first online formulary and continue on that path of innovation today. 

When our clients expressed a need to provide hazardous drug safe handling and disposal information to healthcare workers across their facilities, we developed Rhazdrugs, an easy-to-use and accessible hazardous drug safety information platform. With more than 8 million healthcare workers exposed to hazardous drugs each year, according to the CDC, protecting healthcare workers is more important than ever. We continue to strive to eliminate roadblocks for busy clinicians so that we can provide comprehensive medication safety information at the point of care, which in turn helps reduce healthcare worker exposure to the harmful effects of hazardous drug exposure, like illness, infertility, and even death. 

As we embark on this alliance with Premier, we are eager to demonstrate how Rhazdrugs and Formweb can streamline the communication of crucial safety information across entire healthcare organizations, leading to improved outcomes for both patients and healthcare workers. 

Our mission is twofold: pioneering innovative products that directly address our clients' most significant medication safety challenges and building a community where pharmacists and clinicians can find valuable resources to improve safety measures in their environments. Our Safety First blog and series of USP <800> compliance webinars are crafted to serve as pivotal resources in this endeavor. Available for free and with unrestricted access, these materials are essential tools for those committed to advancing healthcare safety.

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