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Press Release: Rpharmy Overhauls BlackboxRX User Experience, Interface

Posted by Laura Paxton on Apr 25, 2024 8:43:00 AM
Laura Paxton
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Medication Safety Solution Provider Significantly Upgrades Only Comprehensive Online Database of Medication Boxed Warnings

AUSTIN, TEXAS - APRIL 25, 2024 - Rpharmy, a leading provider of medical formulary management and hazardous drug safety information software solutions, today announced a significant upgrade to the user experience (UX) of its BlackboxRX solution, the only online comprehensive database of medication boxed safety warnings. As part of an extensive UX upgrade to all Rpharmy solutions, BlackboxRX is the first to undergo the in-depth enhancement to its form and function. 

“Twenty years ago, we introduced BlackboxRX in response to a customer’s critical need for managing black box warnings. Recognized consistently as a trusted source for essential drug safety information, we believed it was crucial to modernize its aesthetic and usability to better serve today’s healthcare professionals,” said Laura Paxton, Rpharmy CEO and Founder. “The upgraded BlackboxRX features a completely redesigned interface that's intuitive to use, a more efficient search process, and new functionalities that empower healthcare providers to access crucial drug safety information instantly and effortlessly.”

BlackboxRX has undergone a comprehensive redesign featuring the following innovations to user experience:

    • Simplified Discovery: Easily locate drugs by therapeutic class via a new, prominently placed link on the BlackboxRX homepage.
    • Expanded Safety Information: Selecting a drug now provides users with enriched safety information, including accessible links to essential resources like patient counseling aids, REMS, package inserts, and critical FDA drug safety updates.
    • Enhanced Search Capabilities: The BlackboxRX search bar now features intelligent auto-fill capabilities. As users type a drug name, all related instances dynamically populate, offering seamless navigation either through specific warning information or by therapeutic class.
    • New Homepage Resources: The new BlackboxRX homepage now prominently displays the most recent drug warnings along with their publication dates. Additionally, users can easily access a list of the top five most frequently viewed warnings, keeping healthcare professionals informed of the most critical and sought-after safety information. 

Rpharmy’s hazardous drug safety platform, Rhazdrugs, and the medication safety database, Formweb, are also undergoing a user experience redesign. The new versions of the SaaS solutions will be available later in 2024. 

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