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Ode to Nurses

Posted by Laura Paxton on Oct 5, 2020 10:58:58 AM
Laura Paxton
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The COVID pandemic has brought out a chorus of praise for frontline healthcare workers. This group often gets feedback only when something goes wrong, and it’s not the good kind. I am grateful to see them get the recognition they have long deserved. But their jobs have gotten significantly harder. Especially for nurses.

Imagine you find yourself in the hospital today. You may not have COVID, but you are sick. And because of safety guidelines, you are likely alone. That man or women checking on you every hour on the hour is your human connection, your lifeline. I’m sure you’ve read the same first person accounts I have in the news about these ‘real heroes’ taking care of patients above and beyond the normal scope of their work. These stories bring a tear to your eye and restore your faith in humanity.

They aren’t just stories though. They have been the very real reality of nurses for hundreds of years. Twelve-hour shifts turn into 24 turn into 48 hours. Walking into a room in the middle of the night and having to make split second decisions for their patients and themselves, on their own with the information at hand.

Information at hand – therein lies the key.

In-the-moment access to patient records. Minimal clicks to identify potential drug interactions. And knowing how to administer those life- saving drugs without compromising the safety of the patient or the caregiver. This should be industry standard, especially now.

We can help.

The Rpharmy suite of products, including FormWeb and Rhazdrugs, provide critical information to protect the patient and protect the practitioner. We help to complete the circle of care.

Email me today at or schedule a meeting with me to learn more about how we can help to protect your frontline heroes. They deserve every measure of safety and support we have to offer.

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