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News: Rpharmy Launches Rhazdrugs Platform

Posted by Laura Paxton on Dec 13, 2021 12:00:41 PM
Laura Paxton
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Rpharmy Launches Rhazdrugs Platform for Hazardous Drug Handling, Disposal Safety Information at Point of Care

Leading Formulary Management, Drug Safety Information Provider Improves Healthcare Worker Safety by Providing Vital Safety Guidance In EHR, On Any Device

AUSTIN, TEXAS - DEC. 13, 2021 - Rpharmy, a leading provider of formulary management and hazardous drug safety information software solutions, today announced the Rhazdrugs Platform, an easy-to-use solution accessible from any desktop or mobile device. Rhazdrugs provides hazardous drug handling, administration, disposal information, safety data sheets, and more, where it is needed most: at the point of care.

“As required by NIOSH, OSHA and now USP <800>, healthcare organizations must provide safety information to all healthcare workers who come into contact with hazardous drugs. However, most of the information is stored in spreadsheets on an organization’s intranet making it cumbersome to find when you need it most,” said Laura Paxton, Rpharmy CEO and Co-Founder. “Rhazdrugs makes it simple for any healthcare worker to access this life-saving information where they need it whether on their phone, computer or in the EHR. Rhazdrugs comes in a range of levels for any budget including a fully customized Rhazdrugs site.”

Rhazdrugs is sold in two tiers:

Rhazdrugs Professional:
A mobile-friendly, web-based platform that provides monthly updates to NIOSH and USP <800> hazardous drug handling guidelines as well as NIOSH hazardous drugs list and more.
Rhazdrugs Enterprise:
All of the benefits of Professional plus a customized site and EHR integration based on an organization’s unique needs and preferences.

Each year more than 8 million U.S. healthcare workers - including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, vets, techs, and cleaning crews - are potentially exposed to hazardous drugs according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Although healthcare organizations are required to provide healthcare workers with the hazardous drug safety information needed to protect themselves, it often takes at least 20 clicks through six or seven systems or websites to get to this vital safety information. Some even resort to a Google search to find the drug information they need,” said Paxton. “Setting up Rhazdrugs is as simple as providing the organization’s drug list to the Rpharmy team and then the safety information is integrated into the EHR within an hour. Now everyone, including receiving, pharmacy, clinicians and maintenance staff, can quickly access the safety information they need to protect themselves from the effects of hazardous drugs.”

Pricing and Availability:
Rhazdrugs is available now with pricing starts at $499 a month. Learn more about Rhazdrugs in a short demo video. To speak with the Rpharmy team, call (800) 467-1907 or email

About Rpharmy
For more than 30 years, Rpharmy has been in the business of solving problems related to medication safety and patient care. We develop and provide technology focused on medical formulary, hazardous drug handling, and HFAP, NIOSH, and Joint Commission compliance. Our main desire is to keep all patients and healthcare workers safe through easy access to critical medication safety information. For more information visit

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Carrie Ward, PR for Rpharmy, 832-407-5347,

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