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We’re ready for the Epic upgrade to Hyperdrive

Posted by Patrick Turner on Jan 26, 2022 9:19:22 AM
Patrick Turner

As you are very aware the Epic electronic medical record system is making the transition from Hyperspace to Hyperdrive. Sorry (not sorry), but we have to say, “It will be Epic!” 

Hyperdrive’s major new feature is that the EHR is now web-based for easier access, increased security and improved manageability. Because many programs interact with Epic, this upgrade can create implications for other IT components.

We want you to know that Rpharmy is ready today for Hyperdrive. In fact, we’re excited about the new opportunities this upgrade offers! 

Our solutions are already web-based and work today with the new Epic browser-based platform. Here’s what we’ve been doing to make sure the integration between Epic Hyperdrive and Rpharmy solutions is seamless. 

  • Running on Chromium 

Hyperdrive is based on the Chromium open-source browser, which is the same platform used for most modern browsers. We have thoroughly tested FormWeb and Rhazdrugs for use with Chromium and we passed with flying colors. In fact, our solutions are easy to use in all popular browsers whether it’s on a desktop, a mobile phone, or a tablet.

  • Security First

Rpharmy firmly believes security must be the number one priority. Epic Hyperdrive comes with new, very rigorous security standards, and we proudly adhere to all of them. In fact, in 2021 we moved all Rpharmy solutions to a new infrastructure so we can scale as your organization and formulary grow while also maintaining the highest security standards. 

  • Instant Formulary Access 

While the integration between Epic and Rpharmy software solutions FormWeb and Rhazdrugs is effortless, our support team is available to help when needed. FormWeb and Rhazdrugs content will be instantly available in the Epic drug look-up interface. What does this mean to your pharmacy, nurses and clinicians? Smooth sailing with FormWeb, Rhazdrugs and Hyperdrive. 

Change can be disruptive, but it can also move your organization forward. Epic Hyperdrive will ultimately improve the security and useability of your organization’s EHR. At the same time, you will not experience any FormWeb and Rhazdrugs integration issues because we’re ready for Hyperdrive. And we’re here to help you. 

For more resources on FormWeb formulary software check out this blog from 2021, “The Modern Formulary: More Than A List of Medications.” For more resources on Rhazdrugs USP <800> software be sure to read “USP <800> Inspectors are Coming: Are you Ready?”

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