Because We're Focused on Formulary

Focusing exclusively on the development and improvement of advanced formulary management SaaS allows us to create a product far superior to other formulary tools, improving medication safety for your patients.

Because Your Patients Can't Wait

Traditional formularies require clinicians to track down information, resulting in wasted hospital time and extended wait time for patients to receive proper medication. Formweb’s one-stop medication resource reduces patient risk and improves quality of care by connecting all critical pharmacy information into one site at the point of care.

Because It Saves You Time and Money

Formweb exists not only to satisfy your pharmacy’s regulatory requirements but also to save your patients’ lives and your hospital time and money. By combining the resources your physicians need to safely prescribe medication into one user-friendly site, Formweb simplifies the search process, saving time, decreasing calls to the pharmacy and assisting with hospital compliance.

Because We Are Committed to Service

Rpharmy offers unparalleled support and service to all Formweb clients. Our short training program is easy to follow, and we are ready to help when clients need additional assistance. Our knowledgeable support staff is ready to help clients optimize their Formweb site through customization and technology support.