What is Rhazdrugs? 

Rhazdrugs is an easy-to-use and easily accessible hazardous drugs database used in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the U.S. to protect healthcare workers from the effects of exposure to hazardous drugs. 

Who is Rhazdrugs for? 

Rhazdrugs is designed by and for nurses, pharmacists, physicians, shipping/receiving, environmental services. We partner with our clients to incorporate their feedback and suggestions to make Rhazdrugs the easiest to use and most comprehensive hazardous drugs database available. 

Will Rhazdrugs help us comply with USP <800>? 

Yes, Rhazdrugs helps ensure compliance with USP <800> and more including NIOSH, OSHA and EPA mandates. Rhazdrugs addresses many of the top inspection queries from CMS, State Board inspectors, and Accreditation inspectors. Also, Rhazdrugs reports make easy work out of showing auditors that you comply. 

Will Rhazdrugs create my Assessments of Risk (AoRs)? 

Yes, Rhazdrugs comes preloaded with many AoRs that can be easily modified for your facility. 

Does Rhazdrugs include Sourced Information? 

Yes, Rhazdrugs includes Sourced Information and the ability to incorporate existing resources too. 

Will Rhazdrugs integrate into our EHR? 

Yes, Rhazdrugs makes this life-saving information available at the point of care by seamlessly integrating with EHRs including Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts, and more. 

Is Rhazdrugs accessible on a mobile device? 

Yes, it works great on mobile phone, tablet and desktop devices. 

What safety information can be included in Rhazdrugs?

Rhazdrugs includes: 

  • Administration 
  • Patient Care Activities
  • Disposal
  • Extravasation
  • Preparation 
  • Transport
  • PPE
  • SDS 
  • AoRs
  • Exposure risk
  • Cleaning/decontamination 
  • Outside reference information

Can Rhazdrugs link to policies? 

Yes, Rhazdrugs can link to your policy website, intranet, other resources or you can upload a document. 

Getting Started 

How long does Rhazdrugs implementation take? 

Every customer site is different, but on average it takes four to six weeks to create a fully customized Rhazdrugs portal for your nurses, pharmacists, clinicians, physicians, environmental services and shipping and receiving. 

Can Rhazdrugs be customized to fit our organization’s unique needs? 

Yes, our Enterprise version is fully customizable - from the drugs you want to see in your display to how you want your content organized. And we do all the work. 

How much work will my team have to do to set up Rhazdrugs? 

While we do all the work, the Designated Person will have to review and approve.

Is a Project Manager required? 

The majority of our customers do not need a Project Manager. 

Do we still need a Designated Person? 

Yes, a Designated Person is a requirement of USP <800>. 

How much time will ongoing Rhazdrugs maintenance take? 

USP <800> requires an annual review of each monograph. Rhazdrugs makes this process as quick and painless as possible.

How do we keep up with the annual regulatory review and approval process? 

We have automated this process with reminders to make it easy for you. 

How are drug content and regulatory changes updated within Rhazdrugs? 

We are continually monitoring USP <800> and NIOSH updates. When new drugs are approved to one of the NIOSH Group 1, 2, or 3 categories, you will be notified in your editor. You will then have the option to add them to your Rhazdrugs database. 

Do you still have questions? We’re happy to answer them or take you through a demo of Rhazdrugs. Call us at (800) 467-1907 or schedule a demo here. You can also watch a quick Rhazdrugs video to learn more.