WHAT you need

Formweb integrates all the necessary resources for safely prescribing medicine into one user-friendly site at the point of care becoming your source of truth for formulary information.

WHEN you need it

When your patient’s life is on the line, trust Formweb to minimize risk and improve patient safety.

WHERE you need it

When every click is an opportunity for error, Formweb allows you quick access to everything you need, streamlining the otherwise difficult process of finding important drug information.

Hospital clinicians across the country are facing an efficiency issue when prescribing the life-saving medicine their patients need. For an individual prescription, clinicians need to access six to seven different resources to safely and accurately treat their patient.

With traditional formularies, they are often searching through six separate sites, requiring an average of 20 clicks just to prescribe one medication. Even worse, this tedious and time-consuming process is forcing many busy physicians to take the ultimate risk by skipping over valuable safety information and prescribing medicine without utilizing all the necessary resources.

Your clinicians want formulary and medication safety information at the point of care from your source of truth. Your patients want knowledgeable, resourceful healthcare providers.

Formweb gives you the opportunity to provide easy, one-click access to the information your physicians need from Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and other EHR providers to ensure patient safety. All of this without any additional work for your pharmacy department.